Physical Access Management

See the difference. Unlock the value.

Centrally Manage Your Access Points, Locks, Schedules, and Users in Real-Time with the Convenience of OTC.

Eliminating the Need for Physical Keys.

​Efficient and secure.

​Our OTC access process summarized in 5 easy-to-use and manage steps

01 – Users, access rights and locks are registered in the central access management server application.

​02 – The user needs an OTC in order to access the lock.

​03 – ​The OTC is either entered manually into the keypad or, if the user is using a mobile app, the OTC is sent directly to the lock.

​04 – ​The user can unlock the lock if all the credentials are correct, even if the lock is offline.

​05 – The open/close door and lock events are logged in the lock and also sent to the access management server application. They can be viewed in real-time and also stored for audit purposes.


Operational cost savings

Increased security

Greater efficiency

Sustainability & reduced carbon footprint


Centralized real-time remote monitoring and management with IoTservo​

Instant security validation

Off-line authentication

Secure OTC generation

Remote access authorization

Remote 2-way lock communication

Flexible integration with 3rd party software

Real-time Audit Trail

Penetration tested


High-security access for all industries

In-house hardware & software R&D

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