Next Generation Access Control Solutions with Multi-Factor Authentication

Protect your remote critical assets with OTCaccess

What It Does

Using BVK’s unique Multi-Factor Authentication technology, OTCaccess grants & tracks secure access to both physical and digital assets to anyone, anytime and anywhere.

You can’t risk having second chances in your security architecture. Zero Trust based Access Control reduces the chances of access by malicious actors by providing more control and visibility across the system, removing the idea of trusted spaces/networks within your business.

How it Works

With OTCaccess, access control is about managing who can have access to which site, facility or asset at what time. This is done by controlling access levels or to certain types of groups.

Access control provides security, convenience and operational efficiency for every business.

With 2-Factor OFFLINE Authentication, and yet online for real-time monitoring & management, OTCaccess allows you to Secure & Track each and every access point by providing One Time Codes.

Main Points

Grant secure access to anywhere with One Time Codes (OTC), thanks to ‘s unique 2-Factor Authentication. Based on 4 parameters:

  • User Verification,
  • Access Point Identification,
  • Time Validation and Function Limitation
  • Manage both your teams’ and third party’s access easily.
  • Carrying keys and dealing with lost or forgotten keys won’t be an issue anymore.
  • You can provide access credentials instantly, granting immediate access.
  • This will improve the ticket closing times and result in higher SLA performances
  • Manage all users with one click from anywhere on the web Add or remove employees’ accesses instantly.
  • All User accounts are recorded only in the OTCaccess server.

You can generate One Time Codes for immediate or future use.

The first and only access solution with offline authentication and online monitoring, allowing you to be more flexible and efficient.

Explore our unique solutions

Explore our unique solutions

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Explore our unique solutions

Our in-house R&D brings you holistic security solutions

Physical Access Management

Manage all your access points, locks, schedules and users in real-time with one, centralised OTC access process with no physical keys.

Key-less Lock Solutions

Our in-house R&D has developed next generation key-less locks for your safes, cabinets, doors and gates to give you the widest choice.

Digital Access Management

Remote BIOS, Windows User and IP Video camera password management for shared access endpoints to protect your organisation from malware and digital attacks.

All-in-one Remote Management

Centrally monitor and manage BVK solutions in real-time; also integrated 3rd party devices.

Where To Use?

Grant KEYLESS, Secure & Tracable access to your employees & any 3rd Party for your critical sites. All physical and digital access points that need to be authenticated and tracked can be combined with otcaccess.

Bank Branch


Safety Deposit Box

RentalSafe (1)

ATM top box and safe


CIT Services Armed Vehicle

CITCar (1)

GSM Shelter

GSM Shelter

Telecom site


Telecom cabinet

TelecomCabinet (1)

Fence and gate

Garden Fence Door

Base Station

Base Station

Power Generator Door

Diesel generator for fire pump at  at industry zone

Control Room

control room of railway

High Security Location


Ammunition box

Ammo Box (1)

Armory container

Armory Container2 (1)

Warehouse Door

Storage warehouse

Cabinet Door

Padlocks attached to cabinets in locker room


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Carlos Lang

Carlos Lang

CEO, Damage Control S.A

We are happy about the continuous development of BVK to cope with the current and future threats in the ATM business.

Pankaj Kurva

Pankaj Kurva

AGS Transact Technologies Ltd.

``We thank BVK for their continuous support and development efforts.``

Thomas Schumacher

Thomas Schumacher

Product Manager, Diebold Austria

``We can confidently recommend BVK as a solid and reliable supplier and experts in their field.``

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