OTCaccess management software allows you to manage users globally from a central location.
Manage access rights using working time schedules for different users. Using our software your organisation can be more flexible and increase its operational efficiency.

OTCaccess Management Software

A multi-customer web application allowing you to register and manage:

  1.  OTCaccess devices
  2. Users & working time schedule
  3. Detailed activity logs by user or device
  4. Generating One Time Codes (OTC)
  5. Extensive web service integration with ATM monitoring systems, alarm control systems, SMS or IVR gateways

IoTservo Remote Monitoring & Control

Monitors and controls smart, connected OTCaccess devices.

With IoTservo you can;

  1. Monitor device status and events
  2. Reboot devices
  3. Retrieve OTC history and event logs
  4. Update firmware and configuration

OTCaccess Mobile App

• OTC Request
• Bluetooth Keypad
• Log Upload
• Device Update

ATMini Mobile App

  • Designed for atmmini lock
  • Unlocks through NFC
  • Log Upload