Traceability with OTC Enabled Access Control

Mobile and Cell Tower operators are constantly under pressure when it comes to traceability. Controlling the physical access points like cell towers, base stations and service rooms is an ongoing issue.

OTCaccess technology is the very right solution with better traceability and higher security. OTCaccess solutions family is able to control log and audit all the actions done to the any access points. Thanks to unique algorithm produced OTCs (One Time Codes), GSM operators can now be sure about who entered when and why, even in emergency situations. Neither lack of electricity nor network would be an obstacle for OTCaccess technology. Entrance by means of an OTC can be granted totally offline.

A Keyless operation dramatically improves the SLA performances of your service suppliers and helps you evaluating their KPIs. bvk Technology can always tailor a custom solution based on the specific needs of Mobile or Cell Tower Operators.

Control Who, When and Why Accessed a Cell Tower.

Prevention Against Stealing And Loss

Improves SLA Performances